How much will a house full of replacment upvc windows cost in 2017?

About Double Glazing WindowsIf you are looking to refurbish your property, then replacing windows is quite often the first thing that gets done – hence new double glazed windows are vry popular pruchases.

So, How much will a house full of replacment upvc windows cost in 2017?

The price you pay for you new windows will be first affected by whether you want them professionally fitted by the company you buy them from or do it yourself, or hire an indpendent contractor to fit them.

  • Professional companies

you can expect them to be registered with FENSA or CERTAS, so you get a decent tlevel of consumer protection and they can also certify the windows as building regulation compliant.

  • Indpendent contractors need to be vetted also.

Check for their recent works on similar projects and get feedback from the customers. If the contractor is not able to self-certify buildeing reg’s then you will have to get them inspected and pay for the inspection from the local council yourself.

  • Do it yourself

Well, can you trust yourself to do a good job? It might sound like a stupid thing to say, but many a “have-a-go-DIY-hero” hase come unstuck. If you don’t have the skillset, don’t try to learn on the job. It could be an expensive way to save money!

We suggest you get several quotes from different sources so that you can compare relative double glazing cost.

Cost Factors For Double Glazed Windows & Doors