Patio Doors – what are the best designs for your home?

Large Patio Door Designs and StylesTo choose the best patio doors for your home is obviously the thing you want to get right first time, especially because they can cost s few thousand pounds to buy & install.

What are the main types of patio door?

initially you should consider what material to use:

  1. UPVC – strong light and relatively cheap, UPVC patio doors are a great solution
  2. Composite Aluminium – a combination fo timber inside and alunimium outside, they are vrl sleek & slim. They also last a long time but are costlier than UPVC.
  3. Hardwood – this is a durable material, but take a lot of looking after over the years, Hardwood patio doors are also costlier than UPVC.

There are ony a few real different types of patio doors:

  1. folding patio doors
  2. sliding patio doors
  3. swinging patio doors

Folding doors leave a wider clear openng than others, sliding doors are cost effective and swing doors (like French doors) need to have sidepanels for wide openings.

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Large Patio Door Designs and Styles